List view size customization is here!

What's changed?

  • Added list view size customization. PR by @niikeec. PR #2254
  • Fixed invisible thumbnails. PR by @niikeec. PR #2258
  • Fixed Asian characters text wrapping. PR by @niikeec. PR #2253
  • Fixed request drop test and added write_ops test. PR by @Brendonovich. PR #2252
  • Made Cypress tests more resilient. PR by @HeavenVolkoff. PR #2249
  • Removed fixed filters. PR by @Brendonovich. PR #2257
  • Added a copy button for code blocks. PR by @Rocky43007. PR #2248
  • Updated hover text on the landing page. PR by @Rocky43007. PR #2251
  • Added a warning for SD Docker Container. PR by @Rocky43007. PR #2256

Full Changelog:

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for your continued support!