We have resolved the issue of the ephemeral location being empty on Windows and reintroduced reactivity to thumbnail generation! Spacedrive is back in action.

Improvements and Features:

  • [ENG-1629] A new file identifier has been implemented using the task system. (By @fogodev in #2334)
  • Reactivity of thumbnail generation has been restored. (By @jamiepine in #2392)
  • Improved translations exist for Belarusian and Russian. (By @artsiom-voitas in #2391)
  • [ENG-1762] The direction of mouse resizing has been reversed. (By @ameer2468 in #2395)
  • Reactive file identification has been put into effect. (By @jamiepine in #2396)
  • OpenDAL for ephemeral location has been rolled back. (By @HeavenVolkoff in #2399)

Bug Fixes:

  • The cargo test issue has been fixed and the pnpm prep native deps download has been enhanced. (By @HeavenVolkoff in #2393)
  • The title issue (on windows task manager) has been corrected. (By @utkubakir in #2398)
  • The server release issue has been addressed again. (By @HeavenVolkoff in #2403)

Full Changelog: