This version includes "Resizable Sidebar", bug fixes, enhanced features, and user experience tweaks that make our app smoother and more reliable. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

What's Changed

  • Windows mouse resize fix by @ameer2468 in
  • Fix potential github action smells by @ceddy4395 in
  • Fixed Belarusian language entry name by @artsiom-voitas in
  • Remove normalised cache by @oscartbeaumont in
  • [ENG 946] Added zooming for image preview by @Raghav-45 in
  • Basic sync backfill dialog by @Brendonovich in
  • Update sync model docs + add section about actors by @Brendonovich in
  • Added date formatting according to chosen language in the settings by @artsiom-voitas in
  • Move language settings by @utkubakir in
  • AND search params together properly by @Brendonovich in
  • Fix folder double click by @Brendonovich in
  • Auto format/lint and revert some changes made to CI by @HeavenVolkoff in
  • Deleted English (UK) option by @artsiom-voitas in
  • [ENG-578] Resizable sidebar by @niikeec in
  • [ENG-1769] keep input focused when search by @ameer2468 in
  • Fix Onboarding breaking due to Sidebar changes made in #2425 by @HeavenVolkoff in
  • Don't error on missing search filters + add default search target by @Brendonovich in
  • Fix BLAKE3 by @HeavenVolkoff in
  • [feat]: update i18n contribution docs by @zaaakher in
  • Added more translation keys to the app by @artsiom-voitas in
  • Alpha 0.2.14 by @utkubakir in


  • [MOB-89] Separate headers by @ameer2468 in
  • [MOB-79] Categories search redirect by @ameer2468 in
  • [MOB-68] Search by @ameer2468 in

New Contributors

  • @ceddy4395 made their first contribution in
  • @zaaakher made their first contribution in

Full Changelog: