What's next for Spacedrive?

Here is a list of the features we are working on, and the progress we have made so far.

Q1 2022

Big Bang

File discovery

Scan devices, drives and cloud accounts to build a directory of all files with metadata.

Preview generation

Auto generate lower resolution stand-ins for image and video.


Total capacity, index size, preview media size, free space etc.


Tasks to be performed via a queue system with multi-threaded workers, such as indexing, identifying, generating preview media and moving files. With a Job Manager interface for tracking progress, pausing and restarting jobs.

Q2 2022



Browse online/offline storage locations, view files with metadata, perform basic CRUD.

Self hosting

Spacedrive can be deployed as a service, behaving as just another device powering your personal cloud.


Define routines on custom tags to automate workflows, easily tag files individually, in bulk and automatically via rules.

Key manager

View, mount, unmount and hide keys. Mounted keys can be used to instantly encrypt and decrypt any files on your node.

Present Day


Drop files between devices and contacts on a keybind like AirDrop.


Deep search into your filesystem with a keybind, including offline locations.


Photos and video albums similar to Apple/Google photos.

Q2 2023

0.1.0 Beta

Realtime library synchronization

Automatically synchronized libraries across devices via P2P connections.

Media encoder

Encode video and audio into various formats, use Tags to automate. Built with FFmpeg.

Cloud integration

Index & backup to Apple Photos, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive & Mega + easy API for the community to add more.

Hosted Spaces

Host select Spaces on our cloud to share with friends or publish on the web.

Q3 2023

0.6.0 Beta


Build tools on top of Spacedrive, extend functionality and integrate third party services. Extension directory on spacedrive.com/extensions.

Encrypted vault(s)

Effortlessly manage & encrypt sensitive files. Encrypt individual files or create flexible-size vaults.

Q4 2023



View a linear timeline of content, travel to any time and see media represented visually.


Ensure a specific amount of copies exist for your important data, discover at-risk files and monitor device/drive health.


Utilize the compute power of your devices in unison to encode and perform tasks at increased speeds.

That's not all.

We're always open to ideas and feedback over here and we have a blog where you can find the latest news and updates.