What's next for Spacedrive?

Here is a list of the features we are working on, and the progress we have made so far.

Last updated: March 13, 2024

Q1 2022

Big Bang

File discovery

Scan devices, drives and cloud accounts to build a directory of all files with metadata.

Preview generation

Auto generate lower resolution stand-ins for image and video.


Total capacity, index size, preview media size, free space etc.


Tasks to be performed via a queue system with multi-threaded workers, such as indexing, identifying, generating preview media and moving files. With a Job Manager interface for tracking progress, pausing and restarting jobs.


Browse online/offline storage locations, view files with metadata, perform basic CRUD.

Self hosting

Spacedrive can be deployed as a service via Docker, behaving as just another device powering your personal cloud.


Define routines on custom tags to automate workflows, easily tag files individually, in bulk and automatically via rules.


Instantly search your library, including offline locations. Use advanced filters to refine and save searches for later.

Quick view

View images, videos and documents in a full screen modal with nested inspector and context switcher.

Media view

Turn any directory into a camera roll including media from subdirectories


Drop files between devices and contacts on a keybind like AirDrop.

AI labeling for images

Automatically label images with objects, with a model loader to support future models and upgrading to more powerful models for various jobs.

Drag & drop

Drag and drop files between devices and drives.

Language support

Support for 12+ languages, with a community-driven translation via i18n.

February 2024

0.2 Alpha

Column view

View files in the beloved column layout with a nested inspector, with trees!

Improved file transfers

Instant copy for files on the same device. An improved progress bar and speed indicator. Pause, resume and prioritize transfers.

Folder sync

Configure replication or bidirectional sync between folders on any device or drive.

File converter

Convert image and video between common formats from the context menu.

Command Palette

Quickly navigate to any file or folder from anywhere in the app.

Video thumbstrips

Generate and display thumbstrips for videos, with a scrubber to preview the video.

May 2024

0.3 Alpha

Connect devices & sync

Automatically synchronized libraries across all your devices.

Mobile app TestFlight & Play Store Beta

Access your library on the go, with a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Spacedrive in every language, i18n

Spacedrive will be available in every language.

Key manager

View, mount, unmount and hide keys. Mounted keys can be used to instantly encrypt and decrypt any files on your node.

Advanced media analysis

Transcribe audio, identify faces, video scenes and more.

Third-party cloud integrations

Filesystem integrations with iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive & Mega + easy API for the community to add more.


Add comments to files and folders, with support for XY coordinates for photos and timestamp for videos.

June 2024

0.4 Alpha

AI search

Search the contents of your files, including images, audio and video with a deep understanding of context and content.


Create and manage Spaces, hosted locally or on the cloud, to share with friends or publish on the web. Spaces are AI native, with a custom local language model that can converse with the user and puppeteer the Explorer view.

Spacedrive Cloud

Backup and sync from anywhere with a Spacedrive Cloud account. Paid plans for additional storage and cloud features.


Access Spacedrive from the command line, with a rich set of commands to manage your library and devices.

Web portal

Access the web interface via the browser, remotely access your library and manage your devices and Spaces.

iOS & Android release

Spacedrive will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

File versioning

Automatically save versions of files when they change, with a timeline view and the ability to restore.

Local Server Protection

Protect local instances of Spacedrive's server from other clients on your network.

August 2024

0.5 Beta

Encrypted vault(s)

Effortlessly manage & encrypt sensitive files. Encrypt individual files or create flexible-size vaults.


Build tools on top of Spacedrive, extend functionality and integrate third party services.


1.0 Release

Security audit

We will hire a third party security firm to audit the codebase and ensure the highest level of security.

That's not all.

We're always open to ideas and feedback over here and we have a blog where you can find the latest news and updates.