1. Enhanced Thumbnail Generation: Thumbnails are now generated more efficiently through optimized multi-threading, utilizing available resources for faster performance.

2. Job Progress Uninterrupted: Jobs are enhanced with a step timeout feature, eliminating the issue of jobs getting stuck.

3. Location Onboarding Flow: A streamlined onboarding flow for quicker and simpler location additions has been introduced.

4. In-App Changelog: The in-app changelog is now linked to GitHub releases for real-time update tracking.

5. Improved MacOS Full-Screen Experience: The MacOS window bar issue has been resolved for a cleaner full-screen view.

6. Customizable P2P Connections: Options to enable or disable P2P and configure port settings are now available.


  • Disabled certain menu options when no library is present
  • Set show hidden files to false by default
  • Added additional menu options for reloading the webview and navigation
  • Navigate to location after adding it
  • Job text tabular-nums to reduce jumpiness
  • Fix app name in Windows Task Manager
  • Fix regression causing P2P to be disabled by default
  • Fix app startup without IPv6 network stack
  • Persist window position
  • Fix show object size on ephemeral locations
  • Added ephemeral location notice to incentivize Location use
  • Enable thumbnail support for webp images
  • Hide media view on network, ephemeral, and nodes explorer
  • Duplicate folder duplicates files inside
  • Fix show hidden files not working correctly
  • Job manager: utils/formatNumber all numbers
  • Fix casing switch in "Log in" button
  • Link locations button in inspector
  • Better explorer count handling
  • Reload webview support for Windows and Linux
  • Spacedrop better testing + fix zero-sized files
  • Spacedrop improvements
  • Fix explorer not updating when removing from recents or tagging
  • Hidden files shortcut
  • Fix mouse4 mouse5 not working when hovering
  • Delete shortcut on Mac
  • Responsive design improvements
  • Fix custom indexer rule crashing location scanning
  • Windows ephemeral locations keyboard nav fix

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