This latest update brings advanced search filtering, tabs, a lot of bug fixes and even more performance improvements! We have also implemented an optional full-disk access prompt for MacOS users, as sometimes there's a folder that Spacedrive can't access (but you want it to!)

Networking got a massive overhaul, and discovery can be both disabled and customized as you wish. We upgraded and optimized many parts of the UI, and made the look and feel of the app even sleeker than before.


  • Fixed account card sizing
  • Overview page removed
  • Improved mouse navigation.
  • Hid the frame and border if MacOS is in fullscreen.
  • Updated website link to use
  • Enhanced error message for when rustup isn't found.
  • Prevented releasing if a branch with the same name already exists.
  • Added a prompt for a tagline and category when creating a release.
  • Individually quoted each line of release modal commit message.
  • Fixed wording for the delete dialog.
  • Removed an unnecessary import.
  • Miscellaneous frontend fixes and dependencies update.
  • Added loading indicator if a location is indexing.
  • Added a shortcut to reveal an item in Finder or the native explorer.
  • Improved copy, paste, undo, redo, and select all functionality on MacOS.
  • Added icons to certain dialogs, improving the look and feel of the app.
  • Urgent landing page fixes.
  • Removed broadcast-stream from sd-p2p.
  • Stabilized p2p settings.
  • Upgraded Rust workspace and implemented IPv6 mDNS.
  • Added gridGap to preferences.
  • Replaced GridList with @virtual-grid/react.
  • Fixed the Explorer's scrolling and made the experience smoother.
  • Implemented extra Explorer settings.
  • Added table sorting to the Explorer's list view.
  • Fixed Explorer pathbar nested locations bug.
  • Added search functionality to docs.
  • Improved search bar behavior.
  • Added a new & improved management shortcuts system.
  • Removed the black bars around thumbnails.
  • Various fixes for the search bar and preview.
  • Removed unused dependencies from the server.
  • Upgraded tokio's version.
  • Linked sd-server build/docker push action with release action.
  • Fixed Windows CI.
  • Fixed landing page analytics.
  • Clarified error when getting the hash of an on-demand file.
  • Worked around broken webgl on the landing page.
  • Fixed multiple issues with deb releases
  • Fixed app crashing when generating PDF thumbnails on macOS
  • Reworked and updated shipped native dependencies (ffmpeg, libheif, pdfium)
  • Various bug fixes and clean-ups.

New Contributors

  • @devqore made their first contribution in
  • @BandhiyaHardik made their first contribution in
  • @Carterpersall made their first contribution in

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