Welcome to the latest update for Spacedrive! This release brings a host of improvements, fixes, and new features. Here's what's new:

Desktop Enhancements

  • Fixed mouse navigation forwards and backwards.
  • Fixed background intro video.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Updated GitHub actions due to Node.js 16 deprecation.
  • Cleaned up macOS window closing behavior code.
  • Added Italian locale.
  • Corrected locations folder icon.
  • Removed unnecessary code from synced models.
  • Fixed platform provider availability issue.
  • Moved online locations query to a subcomponent.
  • Fixed actors debug page.
  • Added more documentation.
  • Added latest blog post to landing page.
  • Locked version of patched dependencies.
  • Fixed cloud API operations count.
  • Renamed items through the inspector.
  • Moved all jobs and actors to an "Old" namespace.
  • Fixed video intro.
  • Fixed black bars in thumbnails.
  • Styled Windows Explorer scrollbar.
  • Prevented middle-click from opening new tabs.

Mobile Enhancements

  • Settings routes new design & more.
  • Empty UI for locations and tags screen.
  • Locations & tags query invalidation on updates.
  • Better visually width fitting for categories.
  • Toast messages.
  • Improved spacing & padding.
  • Fixed mobile CI and some small CI improvements.

New Contributors

  • @gekoxyz made their first contribution in
  • @HeavySnowJakarta made their first contribution in

Full Changelog: