What's Changed

  • fix: app going blank when the last library is deleted by @brxken128 in
  • [ENG-1459] Tabs visual tweak by @ameer2468 in
  • [ENG-1456] General UI Tweaks by @ameer2468 in
  • Concurrency crash for ephemeral thumbs by @fogodev in
  • [ENG-1414] Docker Server Installation Dialog by @utkubakir in
  • [ENG-1095] HEIF* and PDF thumbnail orientation by @brxken128 in
  • [ENG-1435] Saved Searches by @Brendonovich in
  • Send release message in channel by @Brendonovich in
  • Bump versions by @utkubakir in
  • Small improvements to sd-server by @HeavenVolkoff in
  • 0.1.4 by @utkubakir in
  • Fix pdf thumbs having incorrect colors by @HeavenVolkoff in

Full Changelog: