Improvements and Features:

  • [ENG-1628] A new indexer has been written using the task system. (By @fogodev in #2161)
  • [ENG-1723] The sync status has been improved. (By @Brendonovich in #2299)
  • [MOB-82] The project has switched to Expo Image and Inspector long press. (By @utkubakir in #2301)
  • [ENG-1710] A context menu path bar has been added. (By @ameer2468 in #2305)
  • Support for OS level network proxy in pnpm prep has been added. (By @HeavenVolkoff in #2304)
  • [ENG-1724] A scan state for location has been introduced. (By @fogodev in #2302)
  • [ENG-1731] The explorer grid selection behaviour for Windows has been improved. (By @niikeec in #2307)
  • Minor changes have been made. (By @utkubakir in #2308)
  • [ENG-1734] It now checks that Cargo.lock is up-to-date. (By @brxken128 in #2309)
  • [ENG-1722] Numeric sync model IDs have been implemented. (By @Brendonovich in #2298)
  • size ordering for ephemeral locations has been added. (By @oscartbeaumont in #2311)
  • Basic HTTP auth for sd-server has been implemented. (By @oscartbeaumont in #2314)
  • [ENG-1365] The 'Move to Trash' feature has been added. (By @Rocky43007 in #2318)
  • OpenDAL - Ephemeral Locations have been added. (By @oscartbeaumont in #2283)
  • Tag preferences have been added. (By @Brendonovich in #2313)
  • A DB Vacuum Button has been added. (By @oscartbeaumont in #2312)
  • [ENG-1737] The updateFirstActiveItem options type has been fixed. (By @niikeec in #2328)
  • [ENG-1741] The date header has been improved. (By @niikeec in #2330)
  • The trash crate has been disabled on mobile. (By @Rocky43007 in #2332)
  • [ENG-1740] A semaphore for generating sync operation timestamps has been added. (By @Brendonovich in #2335)
  • The Japanese translation has been improved. (By @wany-oh in #2336)
  • [ENG-1695] A global setting for explorer views has been added. (By @utkubakir in #2333)
  • pnpm has been updated to version 9. (By @HeavenVolkoff in #2341)
  • Normalised Caching Docs have been added. (By @oscartbeaumont in #1895)
  • Mouse wheel resize has been implemented. (By @ameer2468 in #2366)
  • Mobile cleanup & improvements have been made. (By @utkubakir in #2362)
  • [ENG-1709] Smarter params merging in search API has been implemented. (By @Brendonovich in #2346)
  • Memoise useExplorerPreference props have been added. (By @Brendonovich in #2363)
  • [ENG-1750] The context menu colors have been updated. (By @ameer2468 in #2369)
  • [ENG-1752] The explorer selection reset when closing quick preview via keybind has been fixed. (By @niikeec in #2373)
  • [ENG-1753] Quick preview is now only opened when items are selected. (By @niikeec in #2374)
  • [ENG-1751] The active item handling has been improved. (By @niikeec in #2367)
  • Open Trash from the application has been implemented. (By @Rocky43007 in #2338)
  • Block size has been added. (By @oscartbeaumont in #2377)
  • Batch ingest sync operations have been implemented. (By @Brendonovich in #2378)
  • P2P settings have been improved. (By @oscartbeaumont in #2379)
  • Alpha 0.2.12 has been released. (By @utkubakir in #2382)
  • [MOB-90] Visual adjustments have been made. (By @ameer2468 in #2383)

Bug Fixes:

  • Weird translations have been fixed. (By @utkubakir in #2294)
  • The CI now checks if a migration is missing. (By @HeavenVolkoff in #2295)
  • The CI has been fixed due to the Python 3.12 update. (By @HeavenVolkoff in #2306)
  • The Tauri link has been fixed. (By @ChildishGiant in #2326)
  • The sd-server auth has been fixed. (By @oscartbeaumont in #2331)
  • The date header issue has been fixed. (By @oscartbeaumont in #2321)
  • The server release CI has been fixed. (By @HeavenVolkoff in #2342)
  • The Docker start command has been fixed. (By @oscartbeaumont in #2370)
  • The main has been fixed. (By @oscartbeaumont in #2381)
  • The core test has been fixed. (By @HeavenVolkoff in #2386)


  • The Appimage has been replaced with deb. (By @utkubakir in #2345)
  • The remove files over p2p feature has been removed. (By @oscartbeaumont in #2364)
  • The P2P Settings have been reintroduced. (By @oscartbeaumont in #2365)
  • The placeholders have been hidden. (By @utkubakir in #2384)
  • Small Trash UI fixes have been made. (By @Rocky43007 in #2385)


  • The Chinese (zh-cn) translation has been polished. (By @HeavySnowJakarta in #2337)

New Contributors

  • @ChildishGiant made their first contribution in

Full Changelog: