Welcome to the latest update for Spacedrive! This release brings a host of improvements, fixes, and new features. Here's what's new:


  • Fix file name overflow by @niikeec in
  • Fix space for command palette by @ameer2468 in
  • Location fixed width sizing by @ameer2468 in
  • Improve location list item layout by @ameer2468 in
  • No More Infinite Text File Scrolling by @Rocky43007 in
  • Locales for sizing units by @ameer2468 in
  • Better search by @Brendonovich in
  • Fix black bars by @niikeec in
  • Disable Labeler by @Rocky43007 in
  • Add missing production migration for search improvements made in #2262 by @HeavenVolkoff in
  • Drop Tauri Plugin Window State by @oscartbeaumont in
  • Right Click -> New File by @Rocky43007 in
  • Fix pnpm prep fails to download native-deps on some specific network env by @HeavenVolkoff in


  • Saved search UI by @ameer2468 in
  • Mobile Drawer by @utkubakir in
  • Drawer design improvement & more by @ameer2468 in
  • Implement test retry for Mobile CI by @HeavenVolkoff in

Full Changelog: