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Getting Started


Experience the ultimate in file management with Spacedrive. Below is a detailed list of our current features and what we're bringing to you in the near future.


Features marked with an asterisk (*) are in development and will be available soon.

  • Desktop apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android. *

  • Server app via Docker for Linux, with hosted web interface.

  • Libraries: Create and manage Libraries.

    • Manage and switch between multiple Libraries via the sidebar.
    • Encrypt Libraries with a password. *
    • Integrate other devices into a Library either locally or over the internet. *
    • Synchronize library data across devices. *
  • Explorer: Navigate files by Locations, Tags, Spaces, Albums, or via Search.

    • Choose from 4 Layouts: List, Grid, Columns, or Media View.
    • Context menu capabilities: rename, cut, copy, paste, duplicate, delete, favorite, and tag assignment.
    • Multi select with bulk context menu actions.
    • In-app file preview for images, video, audio, PDFs, text, code and more.
  • Locations: Designate Spacedrive's search locations. Any file detected in a Location gets incorporated into your Library database, subject to customizable filtering rules.

    • Automated indexer periodically scans for file changes.
    • Real-time tracking of Location changes ensures the index is always updated and synced.
    • File categorization into Objects is based on both magic bytes and file extensions, allowing differentiation between files with identical extensions across different OS.
    • Define Indexer Rules to exclude specific files or directories using methods like regex.
    • Automatically generate Preview Media for images, videos, and texts, ensuring synchronization across devices.
  • Cloud Locations: Integrate cloud accounts into a Library. *

    • Support for Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Backblaze and more on the way. *
    • Browse and open files in the Explorer. *
    • Sync files to device(s). *
    • Sync files between cloud platforms. *
  • Overview Statistics: Analyze unique file categories via the Overview screen.

  • Tags: Design and attach them to files, or explore tagged files directly from the sidebar.

    • Efficient tag assignment.
  • Spaces: A collaborative tool to organize and showcase files. *

    • Invite other Spacedrive users to participate in a Space.
    • Conveniently rename or rearrange files within a Space.
  • Photo Albums

    • Importing albums from Google Photos, Apple Photos. *
    • Create albums from scratch.
  • Library statistics: Gain insights into total capacity, database size, preview media space, and available storage.

  • Search: Instantly look up your Library via the search bar or using CTRL+F.

    • Supports searching both online and offline Locations. Expect enhanced search functionalities, complete with filters like tags, location, and type.
  • Spacedrop: A user-friendly method to transfer files across devices, either locally or over the internet. *

    • Simply drag files to the Spacedrop icon on the sidebar for effortless sharing.
    • The Spacedrop widget on the top bar displays incoming files and their transfer progress.
  • Manage ongoing Jobs and ensure data safety with the Job Manager widget, which offers recovery features in the event of a crash.

  • Themes: Light and dark modes available with an option for system synchronization.

  • A collection of 48 distinct icons tailored for different file types.

  • Compatibie with over 250 file types, powered by "magic byte" recognition.

  • Integrated update installer for seamless software upgrades.

  • Optional telemetry and local logs.