Our CLI is not available yet, please check our roadmap.

Spacedrive is available as a command-line interface (CLI) tool. The CLI is a powerful tool that allows you to interact with the Spacedrive network from your terminal.

General Commands

Launching Spacedrive

# Launch Spacedrive
spacedrive -d
# View help menu
spacedrive --help
# View version and build information
spacedrive --info

Managing Locations

At least one identifier such as --name, --path or --id is required for each command.

# List all Locations
spacedrive location list
# Add a Location
spacedrive location add /path/to/folder --name "Location Name"
# Remove a Location by name
spacedrive location remove --name "Location Name"
# Remove a Location by path
spacedrive location remove --path /local/path/to/location
# Rescan a Location
spacedrive location rescan --id 4
spacedrive location rescan --id 4 --full # Full rescan