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Importing Photos

Spacedrive is designed to be a central location for all your media. The Media View makes viewing and managing your photos easy with a variety of filtering and sorting options. To compliment this we also have (and are working on) a variety of ways to import your photos.


Spacedrive will index the contents of a photolibrary on your Mac if it is found within a Location. This will mean original photos, live photos and videos will be imported into Spacedrive.

However, one downside to this method is that file names are not preserved and some the photo's metadata is lost, along with any edits made and albums created with media in your external library.

An importer tool will be shipped in an upcoming release, which will not only import all the missing data, but won't be harmed if you have already indexed that photo library; essentially, it will append correct metadata onto the existing content you have in your Spacedrive.

From removable storage

In an upcoming release we will ship a dedicated interface for importing media from removable storage, with the option to exclude already imported media. It will default to your preferences for photo storage and place the new media in a designated folder.

Google and Apple Photosß

We are working on this, but it is not available yet. Please check our roadmap for updates.