Spacedrive's job system is designed to handle any tasks that might take time to complete, such as indexing files and generating thumbnails.

A small indicator is shown in the bottom left when a job is running; clicking it reveals the job manager.

The job manager allows you to see current jobs, expand them to see various tasks part of that job. Jobs with only one task, such as copying a single file, will not be expandable by clicking.

Jobs can be paused, resumed and canceled. Spacedrive will always try to restart jobs that were cut off by a restart or shutdown of Spacedrive.

Job history can be cleared by hitting the small trash icon on the job manager. This will not remove any ongoing jobs.

Up to 3 jobs can run simultaneously, although this may be configurable in the future. More CPU-intensive jobs like thumbnailing and labelling have an upper limit for CPU usage set in the General settings page.