Our peer-to-peer technology works at the heart of Spacedrive allowing all of your devices to seamlessly communicate and share data. This documentation outlines the system's design and how to use it.


  • Node: An application running Spacedrive's network stack.
    • This could be the Spacedrive app or the P2P relay.
    • If you have multiple Spacedrive installations open on your computer, each one is an independent node.
  • Library: A logical collection of your data within Spacedrive.
    • Conceptually, a library is the conflict resolved state of one or more instances, although a lot of the time we don't strictly treat it that way.
  • Instance: An instance of a library running on a particular node.
    • An instance correlates directly to each SQLite file.
    • You could technically have more than one instance for a library on a single node, although our core would fall apart as we identify traffic by library.
  • Identity - A public/private keypair which represents the library or node.
  • RemoteIdentity - A public key which represents the library or node.
  • PeerId - The identifier libp2p uses. Can be derived from a RemoteIdentity.