Objects are files discovered on your devices and drives, but can also be virtual, existing only within Spacedrive.

All metadata associated with files in Spacedrive is linked to the Object for that file.

If two or more files are discovered that are identical, they are linked to the same Object in Spacedrive.

A CAS id is generated from set samples of the byte data, which is used to associate Objects uniquely with Paths found in a Location.

Some Objects are purely virtual, meaning they have no Path and are likely only used in a Space.

Types of object

UnknownA file that can not be identified by the indexer0
DocumentA known filetype, but without specific support1
FolderA virtual filesystem directory2
Text FileA file that contains human-readable text3
PackageA folder that opens an application4
ImageAn image file5
AudioAn audio file6
VideoA video file7
ArchiveA compressed archive of data8
ExecutableAn executable program or application9
AliasA link to another Object10
Encrypted BytesRaw bytes with self contained metadata11
LinkA link to a web page, application or Space12
Web Page ArchiveA snapshot of a webpage, with HTML, JS, images and screenshot13
WidgetA widget is a mini app that can be placed in a Space at various sizes, associated Widget struct required14
AlbumAlbums can only have one level of children, and are associated with the Album struct15
CollectionIts like a folder, but appears like a stack of files, designed for burst photos/associated groups of files16
DatabaseA database file17
MeshA 3D mesh object18
Textured MeshA 3D mesh object with textures19
EntityA rigged character20