DevelopersPrerequisitesEnvironment Setup

Environment Setup

To get started contributing to Spacedrive, follow this guide carefully.

This project uses Cargo and pnpm.


  1. Clone repo

    git clone && cd spacedrive
  2. Run setup script

    For Linux or MacOS users run:


    This will install FFmpeg and any other required dependencies for Spacedrive to build.

    ...or for Windows users run using PowerShell:


    This will install pnpm, LLVM, FFmpeg and any other required dependencies for Spacedrive to build. Ensure you run it like documented above as it expects it is executed from the root of the repository.

  3. Install dependencies

    pnpm i
  4. Run codegen & build required dependencies

    pnpm prep

Running apps

  • Desktop: pnpm tauri dev
  • Landing: pnpm landing dev
  • Server: DATA_DIR=/path/to/library cargo run -p sdcore
  • Webapp: pnpm web dev

When changing branches, make sure to run pnpm prep command right after. This ensures all the codegen is up to date.

Mobile app

To run mobile app

  1. Install Android Studio for Android and Xcode for IOS development
  2. ./scripts/ mobile The should setup most of the dependencies for the mobile app to build.
  3. You must also ensure you have NDK 26.1.10909125 and CMake in Android Studio
  4. pnpm mobile android (runs on Android Emulator)
    • In order to have locations working on Android, you must run the following command once the application has been installed for the first time. Otherwise, locations will not work.
      • adb shell appops set --uid MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE allow
    • Run the following commands to access the logs from sd-core.
      • adb shell
      • Then run-as to access the app's directory on device.
      • Run cd files/logs and then select the logs with the timestamp of when you ran the app. Ex: sd.log.2023-11-28.
        • You can view the logs using cat [log-name]. Ex: cat sd.log.2023-11-28.
  5. pnpm mobile ios (runs on iOS Emulator)
    • xcrun simctl launch --console booted allows you to view the console output of the iOS app from tracing. However, the application must be built in debug mode for this.
  6. pnpm mobile start (runs the metro bundler only)


If you are having issues ensure you are using the following versions of Rust and Node:

  • Rust version: 1.68.2
  • Node version: 18

Seeding data on startup


You may loose data if your using this feature so please be careful! This only works on development builds for this reason.

You can add a file called sd_init.json in the same folder where you start Spacedrive and it can automatically seed data on startup.

	"resetOnStartup": false,
	"libraries": [
			"id": "26697dc0-ef06-4b39-ad72-ffe5d5205b61",
			"name": "Oscar's Library",
			"password": "password",
			"resetLocationsOnStartup": true,
			"locations": [
					"path": "/Users/oscar/Pictures/assets"