Spacedrive's Commitment to Longevity

As Spacedrive embarks on its journey to redefine file management and data sovereignty, we hold a steadfast commitment to longevity and perpetual accessibility. Our mission transcends the present, aiming to secure a future where Spacedrive remains a vital tool for generations to come. Here's how we ensure that Spacedrive is not just software for today, but a legacy for tomorrow:

Eternal Open Source Promise

Spacedrive is built with the future in mind, guided by the principle that software should be both universally accessible and collectively owned. US based C-Corp, Spacedrive Technology Inc. proudly stands as the custodian of the Spacedrive trademark and supports the core team of contributors. However, the essence of our open-core product is its communal ownership. The core repository, a beacon of public utility, is freely available under AGPLv3, ensuring that Spacedrive remains a shared treasure.

Financial Stewardship and Runway Assurance

Thanks to the generous backing from over 20 individual investors, Spacedrive boasts a robust financial runway. This support not only fuels our current operations but also secures our vision for the coming years. We are committed to ensuring that Spacedrive remains a sustainable and independent entity, free from the pressures of short-term profitability.

Failsafe for Continuity

In the unlikely scenario where Spacedrive Technology Inc. can no longer sustain the Spacedrive repositories, we've preemptively crafted a succession plan. Ownership will seamlessly transfer to the top four contributors at that moment, in full compliance with our contributor license agreements. To ensure the enduring freedom and accessibility of our code, all AGPLv3 and enterprise-licensed software will be reissued under the MIT license.

Foundation for the Future

A nonprofit foundation will be established to carry forward the torch of innovation and community support. This initiative is backed by our leadership and early supporters, who have pledged significant donations to fund the foundation for at least five additional years.

A Legacy Beyond Code

The internet is a testament to human ingenuity and connection. As it evolves, so too will the ways we interact, collaborate, and create. Spacedrive is here to facilitate these connections, making it easier than ever to manage and share data across the web's expanse.

Spacedrive is more than software; it's a commitment to future generations. We are here to ensure that, no matter how the digital landscape changes, Spacedrive remains your portal to the vast universe of your data, forever.

Jamie Pine & the Spacedrive Team