Spacedrive Integrity and Innovation Pledge

Date: February 21, 2024

To preserve the essence and foundational principles of Spacedrive, we establish the following commitments, ensuring that Spacedrive remains an exemplar of innovation, integrity, and user sovereignty in data management:

  1. Immutable Open Source Principle: Spacedrive will perpetually exist as an open-source project. This core principle is inviolable, ensuring that no future executive, purchaser, or external party can deviate from this path. This commitment is to be integrally included in any terms of transition or sale, safeguarding Spacedrive's open-source nature for eternity.

  2. Local-First and AI Empowerment: Spacedrive champions a local-first approach, prioritizing the privacy and speed of local computations and storage. Complementing this, Spacedrive commits to leveraging local AI models, enhancing user experience and functionality without compromising privacy or autonomy.

  3. Leadership and Continuity: In unforeseen circumstances where Jamie Pine cannot continue his role, Joseph Jacks will assume operational leadership or designate a new CEO. This ensures continuity, preserving the vision and operational excellence of Spacedrive.

  4. Mission-Centric Development: Spacedrive is unwavering in its mission to deliver unparalleled software and hardware solutions for personal data preservation and protection. This guiding principle informs all strategic decisions and innovations.

  5. Absolute Privacy and Ethical Standards: Under no circumstances will Spacedrive engage in the sale of user data to third parties. Spacedrive upholds the highest standards of data privacy and ethics, ensuring user data remains confidential and secure.

  6. User-Driven Innovation: Spacedrive is committed to continual improvement, inspired by the needs and feedback of our community. We pledge to engage with users actively, incorporating their insights into our development process to create solutions that genuinely meet their needs.

  7. Transparency and Accountability: Spacedrive is dedicated to transparency in all its operations and development processes. We commit to clear, honest communication about our practices, changes, and policies, ensuring users are well-informed and empowered.

  8. Community Collaboration and Openness: Recognizing the strength of the open-source community, Spacedrive is committed to fostering a collaborative ecosystem. We pledge to contribute back to the community, share knowledge, and collaborate with others to advance our shared goals of open, secure, and accessible data management solutions.

These pledges are set forth to ensure that Spacedrive remains a beacon of trust, innovation, and dedication to the sovereignty and security of personal data for all users, now and in the future.