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Some useful Spacedrive related terminology.


A Library is the database that powers Spacedrive, all metadata and directory structures are saved in the Library. Libraries can be synced between devices and a user can have multiple libraries loaded in the Spacedrive app at once. Learn more →


Objects are a fancy name for files, we call them Objects because we identify them uniquely based on a cryptographic hash of the contents. Objects in Spacedrive can come in a wide variety of kinds to provide a broad range of context. Learn more →


Locations are places Spacedrive will look for files, usually a directory on a mounted volume, but could also be a cloud service. Learn more →


A Node is a device or server running the Spacedrive core. Nodes can host libraries and communicate with other Nodes to sync data. Learn more →

Preview Media

Preview media refers to highly compressed image or video content for an Object, it is generated by Spacedrive and synced between your devices. Learn more →